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We’re not just transcriptionists; we’re English language aficionados who can expertly proofread and edit your texts. We’re sticklers for proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure and word choice. We balk at typos and glaring formatting blunders. We’re true “word nerds” at heart and enjoy helping make your work shine.


Your written content is the lifeblood of your business. Anything that you publish with errors or awkward language can reflect poorly on you and your organization. You may risk losing customers, clients, or your readership based on the nature of your written content alone. We take this to heart when proofreading your work!


We specialize in content that is subject to the fast pace of the internet and business communications and cater largely to clients who need an error-free product quickly. We strive to preserve the original "voice" or message of your content. We are not copywriters, but we will perform light editing where appropriate, and we may suggest more substantive changes to your work that would enhance its overall tone, clarity, or use of English.


We accept documents in Word (preferably 2010 or above) and use the “track changes” and “comments” feature to allow the client to see our edits and "accept," "reject," or "accept all" changes in the document. You can also engage with us within the document itself in the comment pane if multiple drafts are required. We can accommodate Google Docs Suggestion Mode as well.




website copy
blog articles
social media content/posts
news briefs/press releases

medical reports/psychological evaluations
student short stories/essays (middle school/high school)
college admission essays
marketing/advertising/promotional material
corporate memos, manuals, business proposals, briefs






scientific journal articles

white papers/scholarly articles

technical manuals

legal contracts/wills

financial data/graphics/tables

graduate student dissertations/theses


proofreading of audio transcripts

from other services or individuals

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