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It is always beneficial to use transcriptionists with English as their native language. Stellar Transcripts believes in keeping jobs in the U.S.  We only use highly educated transcriptionists with years of experience.

The owner/operator does the bulk of the proofreading and participates in much of the transcription herself, so you will always receive a uniform product.  You will always interact with someone immediately familiar with your work, not an administrative intermediary.

Many transcription services claim to offer a flat rate but then tack on additional fees for such variables as accents, audio quality, number of speakers, timecoding or turnaround requests.  With us, the only factor affecting our flat per-audio-minute rate is the number of voices in your audio, and you will know that rate up front.  

There has been a move in recent years to utilize speech-to-text software to perform automated transcription at a lower cost.  However, software cannot always accurately capture the nuances and complexities of human speech, particularly when audio quality isn't ideal or there are multiple speakers.  Cleaning up inadequate transcripts  can ultimately cost your organization time and money.  


Posting transcripts to your website provides valuable supplemental content to videos or blogs and can advance your organization's overall message.

Transcripts of corporate seminars are valuable for colleagues and clients who are unable to attend your live events and require a written record of the events.

Transcripts of interviews are valuable for research and publication efforts, especially when facts and quotes need to be verified.

Transcripts of witness statements and interviews provide a valuable written record of a case for the insurance and law enforcement sector. 

Transcripts of conference calls and seminars can provide your organization with a written record of the status of administrative tasks, corporate goals or objectives.

Transcripts of webinar tutorials or academic lectures can provide valuable educational material for students and colleagues. 


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