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We charge a flat per-audio-minute rate depending on the number of voices in your audio--one, two, three, or four+ voices.  Rates are subject to change. Please inquire for our current rates.


You will always know exactly what you can expect to pay based on your audio length. *No additional fees apply for turnaround requests or for any other factor.

Turnaround times are typically 24 hours to one week, depending on the type of material, audio lengths, and the specific needs of each client.  


First 30 minutes free of charge for new clients with at least 2 hours of audio!  


First 15 minutes free of charge for new clients with at least 1 hour of audio!

First 30 minutes free of charge for direct referrals!
(Referral must provide your name and submit work.)

5% discount to clients who provide at least 4 hours of audio per two-week billing cycle!

.25 cent per-minute "bulk rate" reduction off our regular rates to clients who provide at least 8 hours 
of audio per two-week billing cycle!

We work with clients in all time zones, including Europe, Australia, Canada!


We keep our pricing structure simple and reward repeat customers with a discounted rate:


.04/word: highly sporadic or one-time jobs


.03/word: at least 2-4 jobs per week


.02/word: jobs submitted daily: 6-10K words max for 24-hour turnaround (please provide reasonable advance notice)

We bill for your *original word count(s), not after our edits. *No additional fees apply for multiple drafts, turnaround requests, or the scope of editing required.


We will gladly submit a *free 1-2-page sample edited draft for your review.

You don't pay until you're 100% satisfied with our edits. We can provide final drafts upon request. One-time clients or those who submit work sporadically pay per text. Clients with regular weekly work are billed every Friday, payable weekly.

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